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Top 3 Translation Apps That You Definitely Need To Try

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Being unable to understand the local language of the country that you are visiting is one of the most unpleasant experiences that you can have when traveling. International travelers are usually very concerned about this, and there is a good reason for that. Although many people speak at least some English, especially those who work in international companies, being able to have a basic conversation with someone in their local language is always a great experience.

Of course, there is no alternative to actually learning the language, but there are some apps out there that can be very useful when you are in the middle of a conversation with a stranger who doesn’t speak English. Keep in mind that even though these apps are probably not able to translate every single sentence properly, they will definitely help you understand what the stranger is trying to tell you. That being said, here are top three translation apps that you definitely need to try!

iTranslate Voice
The name of this app pretty much speaks for itself. It can translate a spoken conversation between two different languages. There are more than 40 different languages to choose from. The app is very simple to use. All you have to do is choose which language you want to translate, and the app pretty much does everything else. You can also use your voice to find new words and phrases, and then save them to in the Phrasebook if you want to.

Microsoft Translator
Microsoft Translator is powered by Microsoft’s Bing language service. This app combines the best features of some other translation apps, and the result of that is a great translation tool that offers support for many different mobile devices. It offers support for more than 50 languages, and one of its most-notable features is the real-time camera-based translation. Microsoft Translator is a free translation app, and it is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users.

Google Translate
Out of these three translation apps, Google Translate is probably the most popular one. Although you will get more options when you have an active Internet connection, Google Translate works pretty well when you are not connected to the Internet as well. Besides typing out words and phrases, you can also use your voice, write with your finger on the screen, and even point your camera at signs.


Top 4 Tips For a Fun Family Cruise

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Today, cruising is much more popular than it has ever been before. This is especially the case when it comes to cruising with other family members. So, why is cruising such a popular activity? The reason why cruising is so popular is because it offers something for everybody – from young children to retired elders.


Cruises offer so many interesting activities that anyone can craft their own unique fun experience. Just because all family members are on the same ship, it doesn’t mean that everyone is having the same experience. On a recent cruise, the owners of Performance Chiropractic (a clinic that focuses on chiropractic care, massage therapy and shockwave therapy) had a great adventure with their two young kids. There was something for everyone to enjoy even though their interests are different. How you enjoy cruising is entirely up to you, since there is so much to do. That being said, here are our top four tips for a fun family cruise. Please, enjoy!

Book As Early As Possible
If you are a parent, keep in mind that other parents are planning on going on vacations with their children during school and summer breaks, just like you. That being said, you should start planning your vacation nine to 12 months in advance. This should help you get the best prices on cabin types and destinations.

Get a Nice Room
When it comes to standard cabins, they can accommodate up to four people. Family cabins are usually able to accommodate up to six people, while connected suites can house up to 12 people. Choose what works for you the best. This, of course, depends on how many people you are going to travel with.

Don’t Worry About Food Too Much
If you and your loved ones are susceptible to allergies, there is absolutely no reason to be worried, because you are all going to be fine. All you need to do is tell your cruise line about your issues when making your reservation. After you do this, it becomes their duty to ensure that nothing bad happens to you or your loved ones.

Don’t Be Close-Minded
Not convinced that you will like cruising? Don’t get ahead of yourself. After all, you cannot say that you like something or not before you actually decide to try it. This is especially the case when it comes to cruising, since there is so much to do. It is pretty much safe to say that when it comes to cruising, there is something for everyone, which is why we are pretty sure that you will have a great experience.